Three people who may help you buy the right insurance policy for your protection needs in Australia

Three people who may help you buy the right insurance policy for your protection needs in Australia

Finding the right home and contents insurance policy for your circumstances looks like a pretty straight-forward job but that’s not always the case. If you’ve never held a policy before or you’ve had your fingers burnt choosing a provider who wasn’t as easy to deal with as you thought they’d be, it can be a pretty stressful process choosing a new policy or switching providers.

The first person who can help is someone in the same boat as you. Have a chat. It’s what Aussies are best at doing and it’s one of the best ways of learning how another insurance company works. Check a neighbour’s policy details and see what they think of their protection level and provider. If they’re happy with who they already have then jump online and get a home insurance quote to check that the numbers work for you too.

Know somebody who’s just gone on holiday? Did they take out a travel insurance policy? Head around and watch their holiday snapshot slideshow, have a glass of something tasty and a bit long chat about whether their policy worked for them.

The second person, who’s perhaps the most obvious choice, is the one you know had the wrong policy with the wrong provider. The most common form of insurance in Australia is car insurance and if you know of a hairy-raising insurance story then find out the details and jot down why it all went wrong for that person. When you’re hunting out cheap car insurance online, you know to cross those car insurance quotes off the list straight away.


The third person is a dedicated insurance broker or consultant. These people are best placed to explain the intricate differences between a policy which covers your vehicle for third party property damage and comprehensive policies for vehicles like caravan insurance or motorcycle insurance. You can always make the switch to a new provider if you’re current insurance isn’t up to scratch. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and don’t be tempted to jump into new policies as soon as you find the cheapest one.

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